Monday, August 28, 2006

Starting off

This is just to open the door onto the blogging world to kick the process off.

Not easy at all to do.

I was prompted into starting a blog after reading this blog; which again got me onto the issue of international human rights law.

The subject of a UK Bill of Rights is an interesting one that I intend to return to. Just for the moment, its important to recognise the extent of human rights legislation around the world, and a country like the UK simply can't extract itself from all of that.

Countries that aren't part of the ECHR are inevitably signed up to theICCPR and in any case the UK is required to sign up to the ECHR as a member of the EU.

A most pressing issue at the moment is the failure of states to recognise sexual orientation and gender identity as grounds for human rights protections and I was therefore interested to catch up with this link and this document.

More human rights links to follow.......