Friday, June 05, 2009


The European and local elections have proved as brutal and dangerous for the government as expected and the results aren't even in yet.

It is clear that Brown's former cabinet was collapsing about his ears so it's just as well he's having a reshuffle.

Why don't Brown's ministers have loyalty toward him? Yet again a failure of the political arts that stand between ..... well between what we have now and the successful maintenance of power that our system relies on.

We will see if Brown manages to produce a cabinet over the next few days and he may buy himself some respite.

But as I blogged earlier the whole point is missing. Brown isn't holding it together because there is no forward momentum for what are utterly extraordinary times.

In some ways there's nothing as weak as a dying government but in others there's nothing as potentially powerful, if it can but raise its vistas. No evidence of that yet but maybe this latest crisis will lead to a change of heart.

We'll see.

Thursday, June 04, 2009


Still time to cast your vote in the European elections.

Polls only close at 10pm. Your vote can help to keep out the BNP whichever party you vote for.

Let's use our votes to keep out the fascists

Wednesday, June 03, 2009

Why is Brown staying?

We know that he is (or at least intends to) but we don't quite know why.

The key to staying is to want to do something with the 12 months that are left. At the moment I have no sense of Brown having an ambition that is the measure of the situation. He tends to view minor tinkering as being crucial and vital reform.

Time to look to the bigger frame of history and actually do something brave with the next 12 months.

I am afraid that this does include a Bill of Rights, reform of the Lords and PR. Now or never.

New Hampshire makes 6

New Hampshire now becomes the US 6th state to enact same sex marriage, joining Massachusetts, Connecticut and Iowa (by Court action) and more recently Vermont, Maine and New Hampshire (through the legislature).

The law in Maine is however subject to popular review in a referendum if enough signatures can be found to oppose the provision.

The law passed its final hurdle in the Assembly by 198 to 176.

Vote anti-BNP

Tomorrow is election day for all of the UK in the elections to the European Parliament.

It is crucial to prevent the BNP from taking a seat which will give them access to funding and a prominence they don't deserve.

You can stop the BNP by voting for any other party this is because the election is by PR, making it easier for them to take a seat but also easier for us to stop if enough people vote for other parties.

So a) please make sure you vote and b) tell your friends and family to do the same