Sunday, January 21, 2007

Big Brother Racism

I'd like to take a few moments to reflect on the story about Racism in Big Brother.

No need (I think) for any web references as it's all around the web and the print news.

My view - the comments made against Shilpa were racist in nature.

To say otherwise is to endorse and allow any such behaviour in school, playground, workplace where you can have an argument with someone and then say all sorts of things and say "well it's not racism is it?". Answer yes it is racism.

We always need to be reminded that a lack of intention to racially harass doesn't justify whatever you might say and then turn round and say "I didn't mean any harm - so it's alright then".

The bigger part of the blame lies with Channel 4 and Endemol. They knew what was happening and could have intervened (when they eventually did it brought about an apology and some kind of reconcilaiation between the contestants). The fact they didn't means that the Channel 4 is using racism as a form of entertainment, which is utterly despicable for a public broadcaster.

Channel 4's behaviour is uncoscionable, expoitative and debasing of our culture and society.

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