Monday, January 29, 2007

No exemptions - No 10 statement

Press release from No 10 here outlining there will be a transitional arrangement for 21 months for faith based adoption agencies.

BBC report here

365gay report here

Well done to all who have campaigned so hard for this change!

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  1. moira8:11 pm

    Yes, hard work seems to have paid off. Feels good. But we in the South West have some work still to do.
    One of our pro-gay (usually) MPs, Richard Younger Ross (who I hear is a Catholic), tabled an EDM on the subject. Against our equal rights -
    Unsurprisingly it was quickly signed by those whose opposition to our rights has been a constant - Jim Dobbin, Colin Breed, Gary Streeter, but to have three signatures in the 8 total coming from SW MPs is cause for concern.