Sunday, April 01, 2007

Brilliant April Fool in today's Observer ....

Todays Observer (bearing in mind the date is April 1st) has this hilarious report about a Bishop Priddis (obviously a made up name) who is being taken to an Employment Tribunal for refusing (allegedly) to employ someone on the basis of their sexual orientation.

Well I must congratulate the Observer on a really funny and ingenious April fool which really had me going for a few minutes until I remembered the date.

Of course it has to be made up. We do in fact know that while "there is a range of opinion amongst the Christian Churches over the issues of Human Sexuality [presumably they're completely agreed about non-human sexuality.....] we would oppose all forms of discrimination based on a person's sexual orientaiton" as is so often repeated to us ad nauseum.

I for one chide myself for not taking the Church of England at face value when giving such clear assurances. Who could be more honest and straight forward than a Christian?

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  1. moira4:40 pm

    April Fool?

    Bishop Priddis indeed exists and here he is in quite another light.

    At the time there was quite a lot of opposition to the transgender priest from within the church - reported on Pam's House Blend and other places.