Sunday, May 27, 2007

Declaring for Hain

Labour's Deputy Leadership election is now well and truly under way.

Having given deep thought as to who to support and of course consulting others (especially Louise) I have finally reached a view and will be voting for Peter Hain.

It's quite difficult to choose from a field of 6 candidates where many have different things to offer.

In the end however it was a combination of Peter's anti-apartheid work in the past, his work in Northern Ireland - including the introduvtion of the sexual orientaiton regulations ahead of the rest of the UK that made the difference. His manifesto speaks of a positive renewal for the Labour Party including trade unions and affiliated organisations and the need to broaden Labour's appeal so we can rebuild a movement around progressive ideals.

Here is Peter Hain's website. The link to his "manifesto" can be found here.

There's also an excellent site for Trade Unions affiliated to the Labour Party with pages dedciated to the Deputy Leadership elections here.

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