Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Singapore retains criminalisation of homsexuality

Report on the BBC.

A petition had been presented to Parliament to include same sex acts in the repeal of heterosexual sodomy laws but the Parliament voted to retain the current legislation.

This is just one country amongst many where sex between men is still made into a criminal offence and shows how much progress there is to be made.

Meanwhile the report on details the many restrictions to freedom of association and expression which are occuring in Singapore under the current laws.

See also the letter from IGLHRC to Singapore's Prime Minister on this subject.


  1. Anonymous7:31 am

    I've been visiting your Blog regularly, waiting to see your report on, and analysis of, the current wave of anti-lesbian speech by politicians and in the media around the idea of two women being the sole legitimate parents of an IVF assisted child. I know that the UNISON Annual National LGBT Conference has undoubtedly taken up a great amount of your time but it's feeling like we're being ignored when we could do with all the counter-action we can get. If the issue just isn't of interest to your Blog then I would ask you to reconsider. It does have an importance for gay men too. It helps establish the principle that same-sex partners should have all the legal family rights of opposite-sex partners. I hope you will reconsider and you will feature this attack on lesbians.
    Best as ever,

  2. In response to above....

    I think this has been discussed by the Conference as well as being raised by the National Committee.

    I know Louise has also been doing a lot of work on the issue which I agree is importnat.

    Of course the legislation is going through Parliament at the moment snd we await the outcome of the report stage.