Saturday, May 17, 2008


I prefer Idahobit (International Day Against Homophobia Biphobia and Transphobia).

We are getting to the point where there are so many days (Pride, LGBT History Month and Idaho/Idahobit) it gets a bit difficult to mark each one.

Idaho as the mark of the 17th May 1992 when homosexuality was no longer classified as a mental disorder by the World Health Organisation is an important date to mark and also a goo dday to focus our thoughts on the many countries where homosexuality is outlawed and where there is no protection on the gounds of sexual orientation.

Another reason that we must, in Europe, have a 'horizontal directive outlawing discrimination across all major grounds (including sexual orientation) and we need to be engaging (via governments, international NGO's and so on) against the criminalisation of homosexuality and in favour of protections against hate crime and discrimination against LGBT people.

In this context a link from ILGA-Europe from Thomas Hammarberg, Commissioner for Human Rights for the Council of Europe (also refers to the Yogyakarta Principles).

See also in today's Comment is Free (CiF) Love is a Human Right.

Also from the Council of Europe the revised Convention on adoption which is now inclusive of the ability of same sex couples to adopt. Hopefully all states will ratify the Convention.


  1. Michiel Odijk11:06 am

    The IDAHOBIT is a nice idea, but on the other hand: there is already an International Transgender Remembrance Day.
    What is wisdom? Separate days? Merging?
    I don't know.

  2. Yes I see your point.

    I suppose I like the sound of Idahobit as opposed to the name of an American State (I'm not anti-American).

    I also have a tendency to prefer to be inclusive of bi and trans wherever possible.

    The important thing is (whichever version) reminding ourselves of how much progress we still have to make in the world.