Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Some things I am waiting for

The outcome of the US Presidential election (According to Obama has a steady projected lead - however we all remember the last 2 contests and the Republicans are playing dirty - no surprises there). I am getting most of my up to date info from Sullivan's Daily Dish (pro Obama blog).

The outcome of the vote on Prop 8 in California (see previous)

The outcome of the Indian Court case over the constitutionality of India's retention of laws criminalising homosexual acts from the British Empire.


  1. Simon Sarmiento6:17 pm

    Can you give a link to information about the Indian court case?

  2. I have found two links but rely for updates on an LGBT mailing list I belong to.

    Wikipedia has a section covering most of the history and Pink news is covering most of the trial in Delhi.