Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Pope Benedict urges defence of heterosexuality....

I thought that it was doing just fine by itself.

Really there is this paranoid nonsense behind alot of homophobia saying that if we abaondon homophobic beliefs and practices that heterosexuality will collapse.

Evidence appears to be against this supposition and leaving people to their own devices roughly the same number come out straight.

It's basically the idea that homosexuals are the first defectors (for whatever reason) from a universal heterosexual order and that if it's allowed to continue there won't be any heterosexuals left.

This is plain silly.

As for saving the planet, well we're if anything at risk of over population so if anything ......

And of course there's always this thing that LGBT people are trying to bring about the end of the human race by not procreating (ignoring the fact that many do and many more would if they could). And of course there's a notable lack of procreation coming from Catholic priests - though many are of course doing their duty in spite of rules around celibacy.

I think this failure of even the simplest logical steps in thought reflect very badly on the Pope's system of religious thought that needs to vicitimise groups of people in order to maintain its own internal coherence.

Meanwhile this comment from PinkNews - Pope Benedict learns nothing from his time in Hitler Youth.

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