Friday, January 30, 2009

What a Day, What a Week

I was so completely overwhelmed by Barack Obama's inauguration event I couldn't blog about it. I still struggle to find words to express what I'm (still) feeling. The sight of the crowds, the excitement, a Democrat in the White House, an African American as President of the US....

The inauguration itself had its moments. Rick Warren was as uneventful as predicted and quite emollient in tone. The benediction given by Rev Lowery was uplifting and simply wonderful.

'Praise Song for the Day' was the inaugural poem. Loved it but the delivery was a little odd and am not sure it was ideal for a crowd of 2 million in the freezing cold, but a great and subtle poem that didn't get unanimous praise.

The 'gay inclusion' - the Lesbian couple on the train heading for Washington alongside Obama and Biden, the band marching in the procession and the choice of Gene Robinson to kick off the inauguration week at the Lincoln memorial and his inclusion at other inaugural events.

The first week - steps toward the closure of Guantanamo Bay and the repudiation (thank God) of the practice of torture by the US. Openness to the Arab and Muslim world and a new doctrine of respect toward other countries and the constitutional and human rights order.

All I can say is "Praise Song for the Day".

Reality will of course be a little more complicated.....

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