Friday, July 16, 2010

Time out for the Coalition

OK so I found the whole 'losing the election' thing and the whole 'we're going to lose the election' thing pretty bad, pretty hard to deal with and pretty traumatising.

Hopefully I'm lifting out of my post (and pre....) election funk a little now. Adapting to opposition is a really hard thing to do but do it we must. Good governance needs governments that carry out their manifestoes (ah yes, those - maybe the two parties forming the current government have completely lost sight of what they said to the electorate prior to the election...) and effective oppositions to force the government to explainitself and show up the conradictions and shout out when their actions cause damage to real people.

Now is, more than ever the time for an effective opposition and as the libs have gone in with the tories it's either the Labour party or no-one.

It's time to stop licking our wounds and look at some of the outrageous things the con-dems are proposing - though there are so many where do you start?

Perhaps one place for us to begin is to expose the hollowness of the Coalition's show of being somehow 'progressive'. On many issues their promises are vague and meaningless and they are doing little more than taking over Labour's achievenments in government to make them look progressive so they can do all the cutting and privsatising they are planning to unleash on us - a kind of 'progressive' Thatcherism if you wil.

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  1. Come on, get back in the groove!