Tuesday, March 20, 2007

The Christian Right plans another torch-lit "rally"

You may have a sense of deja vu about this one.

The assorted ranks of the religious right have planned their next action which is to hold another prayer vigil outside the House fo Lords to coincide with tomorrow's debate and vote on the sexual orientation regulations.

Will these people never give up? Well, no - for one thing they're determined. For another they have got hold of a notion that the disparagement of LGBT people is the core of their faith by which they can gain God's approval.

Probably they will get a better seat in heaven if they push this to the end of the line.

Then again maybe not.

For info on the "rally" see the website for ....... Anglican Mainstream as well as the ever informative Zefrog blog.

Now, there is no counter demo planned or authorised but last time there were many people who kind of turned up on spec either to protest or engage the massed ranks of the religious or alternatively to attend the hearings in the House of Lords and see it all unfold live as it were.

If you are interested in turning up please feel free to do so. The last time Zefrog had a good write up (with pictures!!) of the event.


  1. Important not to characterise all Christians as supporting this.



  2. You are of course quite right to keep on pointing this out.

    I usually always try to single out the Christian Right (meaning Anglican Mainstream and LCF), but of course, even though I am a practicing Christian myself, my language tends to slip into the shorthand "the Christians....".

    Bad, very bad.

    Anyway I posted a segment of the Faithworks press release which I found very sensible.