Thursday, June 26, 2008

Ireland proposes Civil Union Bill

After a long gestation (the Bill is part of the government's coalition agreement as well as in the manifesto of most parties) Ireland's govt finally issues its draft Bill.

It's quite an extensive Bill and seems to mirror the approach taken in the UK with Civil Partnerships.

There appear to be two main differences - one good, the other not so good.

The good thing is that both same and opposite sex couples are given some legal protections on an equal footing. Bad news is that (allegedly - I confess to not having read the draft Bill) in some respects it falls short of marriage.

For one thing it appears not to cover parenting rights - a serious omission.

May be this can be rememdied in the Bill's passage or if not, remedied through a future Bill.

Reaction from GLEN (largely positive) here.
More about the Irish Labour Party's support for Civil Unions here.

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