Saturday, June 28, 2008

Leading evangelical condemns failure of leaders on homophobia

I find this from Mark Russell (Leading Anglican and CEO of Church Army) well said and so quote (reported on ekklesia).

Original story (Riazat Butt from the Guardian) and Mark Russell's website is here.

I know many bishops in England who do not agree with everything other bishops say, or do not agree with some of the things they have done, but are committed to being together, to pray together, and to seek to demonstrate Christian love to their flocks. I commend them for their leadership and Godly example. It is in marked contrast to some bishops at GAFCON who refused to condemn violence against gay people in their home countries. Quite honestly that is disgraceful, it sullies their cause, and is totally un-Christian. You cannot justify violence in God's name. Period. To the eternal credit of Archbishop Peter Jensen of Sydney, he condemned the violence when the african bishops refused. Those who perpetrate violence against gay people in Africa now can use this silence to justify their behaviour. Christians must speak up and say this is wrong.

The irish novelist Brian Moore once said there are 2 hidden kinds of lies in the world. The lies of silence, where good people do not speak up when wrong is done, and the lies of truth, where lies are told so often they pickle into truth. We need as Christians to speak up against these lies when we see them.

Whatever your views on Christianity and sexuality, violence against gay people is wrong, and homophobia is wrong. Jesus died for all people whether straight or gay, and he loves everyone equally.


  1. Thanks for the kind comment Craig.

  2. I'm glad you picked up on this and hope to post a comment on your blog about it but I do think that this kind of violence is worth reflecting on from a Christian perspective.

    This is an area I would like to see a lot more work done on (not just on contemporary violence/threats of violence and so on but going back to the early church fathers who discussed the issue).

    If memory serves it's a subject treated by Dider Eribon in Reflexions sur la question gay (translated as Insult and the Making of the gay self - not so widely read over here, sadly.


  3. I do not understand how "christian" religions reconcile hatred and bigotry and non-acceptance when that is exactly the opposite of the attitude Jesus taught and demonstrated. That will always baffle me. Great post.