Sunday, July 13, 2008

Time for some light relief - discovering jumpstyle

It's only now that I discover the wonderful thing that is 'jumpstyle' (more popular in Germany, Belgium and the Netherlands).

The fact it's performed to 'modern music' (the most accessible in the UK is probably Scooter) can only go so far in disguising the fact it's a cross between Morris dancing and Riverdance.

See for yourself (I love it by the way).

Scooter Jumping All Over The World

Jumpstyle tutorial
(you too can learn jumpstyle, but probably not from this video - anyway Youtube has plenty of jumpstyle tutorials...)

Jumptstyle for women(to Scooter)

Some weirder varieties of jumpstyle:

Teletubbies do jumpstyle

Finger jumpstyle (OK this is getting ridiculous.....)

I should just say that I haven't perfected all of the moves just yet....

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