Sunday, July 13, 2008

Gospel of hate or gospel of love?

See this clip from the BBC, showing the appalling incident of disruption of freedom of speech and homophobia during a sermon by Bishop Robinson.

Tells you all you need to know - others are just more polite in the way they go about it.

The mask slips.

Meanwhile, for people who like their religion sane, Bishop Robinson wrote a good article in Saturday's Guardian The God I know is alive and active in the Church, not locked up in Scripture.

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  1. Sometimes, I really wonder why they bother ...

    I was in London a few weeks ago with a good friend of mine who's both gay and a theology student at university (although he's not actually a Christian). We went past some sort of mad evangelical street preacher lady, walking up and down Trafalgar Square waving a bible around and complaining about the "abomination" of gay priests. My friend challenged her and (to my layman's ears, anyway) won the argument; it seemed she was reading the text quite selectively and missing out verses that didn't fit her argument.

    Full respect to my mate for doing that, and to Gene Robinson and to other liberally-minded people in the church. It's not something that affects me directly, but I imagine this is a great help to LGBT Christians, and must help them to avoid a clash between beliefs they really care about and a sexuality that's a fundamental part of them.