Monday, June 30, 2008

The Big Labour Party Train Wreck

Coming 5th behind the BNP has really got to be some kind of historic low point which causes us to reflect on how bad things are at the moment.

Whilst it is clear we have a number of exogenous problems (those not of our own making) - notably the price of oil and commodities and the credit crunch, we are in a position where the Party is kind of punch drunk and resigned to defeat at the next election.

This is not good and as a Party we have to ask if this is the best we can offer to the British people.

As blogged previously there is a need for a new government, by which I mean a drastic reshuffle (i.e. more than just shuffling the cards around) with a leading team that can infuse confidence in the Party with a bit of fight in it. It is the political arts that are in demand at this time.


  1. One cannot brag "no more boom or bust" and then blame others when things go pop.

    Only Jon Crudass seems aware of the causes and magnitude of the BNP crisis.

    But of course the Party chose Harriet (white men are 2nd class) Harperson over him to be Dep. leader.

    Hubris and nemesis.

  2. I'm not sure there's a BNP crisis, but there's certainly a Labour crisis if the polls are to be believed.

    Anyway, if you assume you've abolished the business cycle and actually haven't that can cause problems.

    But as I say that which comes from oil and commodities hikes isn't necessarily the fault of the govt but requires some political talent (empathy, communication skills) to get you through.

    White men are second class?

    Well the guy with the top job is one, the last guy with the top job was one.

    There were men and women in the Leadership ballot I don't think a woman winning a ballot makes anyone second class. I don't think it's right to protect men's feelings by saying 'Here's an election but only men are allowed to stand otherwise men will become "second class".

    So not quite with you on that.