Monday, June 30, 2008


In today's Times an interesting article which is worth a read 'The Borisophobes are on the march (or not).

I have a few quibbles. The article veers a bit by taking Boris at his word - however the fact is he has been a typical homophobic Tory, supporting Section 28, comparing Civil Partnership to 'a union of 3 men and a dog'.

Anyway London voted for him. Not of my doing - I was supporting another candidate.......

I hope very much Boris attends Pride (I wouldn't be averse to a bit of booing - as David Davis is keen to remind us we do retain our civil liberties).

But any way I am glad if he attends, especially if he is indicating his commitment to LGBT equality within the capital - something about heaven rejoices over one sinner that repenteth......

Minus a bit of public spirited booing (we are obliged to be nice but not obliged to gild Boris' equality credentials or kiss the hand that until recently has been smacking us) an elected Mayor should support Pride and demonstrate support by being there and writing to the Mayor of Moscow and Lithuania to get them to do the same (a bit like the previous incumbent?) and maybe even talking to his homophobic Tory colleagues.

All elected officials are obligated to stand up for the dignity of all citizens.

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