Friday, July 04, 2008

Confusion reigns at TUC LGBT Conference

Extraordinary scenes at the Conference - a prominent UNISON activist wanting to perform "Recital 22" (not sure which composer) and going on and on about a 'Verruca case' and telling everyone in earshot about some Yoghurt Carton principles........

Confusion indeed!

To cap it all, in the blood debate, one very excited young delegate exclaimed "It's my blood and I'll give to whoever I want". To which the person sitting next to me said "I don't want your blood!".

One delegate also stated that they felt the Conference was at times verging on the experimental and avant garde.

Playfulness apart...

No it wasn't all about recitals, verrucas and Yoghurt Cartons..... I think the reference was to excitement (for one delegate at least) about the ECJ judgment in the Maruko case, with particular reference to recital 22 (EU Directives have a series of recitals which elucidate how a Directive is to be implemented and interpreted). Well I haven't clue what's in recital 22 but I'm going to have to look it up.

For yoghurt carton principles read Yogyakarta.....

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